Abintel has brought together industry leading professionals in business and technology to offer our clients comprehensive expertise as they embark on new business intelligence initiatives.

With a unique depth and breadth of industry and technology expertise, we help our clients achieve their business objectives, leveraging industry lessons learned and best practices in business intelligence.

From Executive Dashboards to Enterprise Business Intelligence solutions, our BI experts can help you get the most from your company's information assets.

Abintel is focused exclusively on providing Business Intelligence services.  Our senior professionals help our clients address their BI needs at every level of the organization.  From C-Level to departmental management and front line analyst, Abintel brings the BI expertise so that together we can focus on meeting your business needs.


Abintel brings unparalleled depth to Agile Business Intelligence.

By consistently exceeding customer expectations under shorter time-frames and lower budgets than expected, while handling changing scope and requirements without compromising quality, Abintel has earned an exceptional level of customer loyalty.

Key to this is an approach to Agile BI that we have evolved over 20 years in Business Intelligence. Using rapid prototyping, time-boxed development, 360 degree visibility and involvement from both the business and I.T., we insure client ownership and minimize wasted time and effort.